HOGY Level 4 Protection Medical Gown

Our disposable medical gown is proudly manufactured in Japan using non- woven material which can effectively reduce Surgical Side Infections (SSI). Being a Level 4 medical gown, it provides the highest level of protection to users and has excellent waterproof properties.


  • Surgical grade
  • Non- woven fabrics
  • Soft, light and breathable
  • Unique 5- layer composition, 2 times stronger than the usual 3-layer medical gowns
  • Improved protection with heat sealing at critical areas
  • Superior waterproof properties
  • Effective in preventing microbes and virus penetration
  • Allows for safe electron beam sterilization

Accreditation & Recognition

ANSI AAMI PB70 Level 3 Protection

Passed Test of Resistance to Artificial Blood Permeability (ASTM F1670)

Passed Test of Resistance to Penetration by Bloodborne Pathogens (AATCC127)