D’Swiss Newly Formulated Coffee Plus

D’Swiss High Fiber Coffee is a new coffee formula rich in antioxidants with highly-soluble fiber from Switzerland. It wakes your mind and cleanses your digestive tract to prevent constipation.

This premium coffee contains five 100% natural plant extracts to improve digestive health.

These natural plant extracts help your body to burn fat faster, inhibits fat accumulation in the body, reduces edema, detoxify and cleanses your intestines, and prevents excessive absorption of calories from starch and sugar.

This product is safe and will not cause a rebound in weight gain.  Tried countless weight loss methods but failed to achieve your desired results? Don’t miss the chance now to try our D’Swiss Slimming Coffee, which is the perfect choice to help you trim down to a healthy and balanced figure!

Product Functions

  • Burns Fat
    Burn extra calories from your body fat into more energy.
  • Increase Satiety
    Controls appetite to overcome cravings.
  • Digestive Cleansing
    Eliminate toxins from the body.
  • 100% Natural & Safe
    Lose weight in a natural & healthy way.

Main Ingredient



Coffee contains caffeine which helps to enhance metabolism and break down fatty deposits under your skin.
Coffee also reduces edema and promotes detoxification.
•    Helps to burn fat.
•    Improves micro-cellular circulation & waste elimination to reduce water retention.
•    Unique aroma acts as an anti-depressant.
•    Promotes gut health.
•    High in antioxidants and prevents premature aging.


Fiber Gum

Guar gum is a soluble fiber extracted from the seeds of the guar plant. It helps to increase satiety, soften stools and promotes regular bowel movements to alleviate constipation. Guar gum is able to absorb toxic substances such as unhealthy bacteria to uphold intestinal health. Guar gum improves Calcium absorption in the small intestine effectively. It also improves dietary glucose tolerance to balance the blood sugar.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes for a better digestive health, reduces stomach bloating and prevents constipation. It is a natural antioxidant which helps to neutralize free radicals and cleanses our body.


Lotus Leaf

Forming a layer of fat isolation membrane on the intestinal wall, lotus leaf effectively prevents the absorption of fat and promotes weight loss without a rebounding weight gain effect. It is also a natural diuretic and promotes healthy bowel movements.


Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS)

Fructo-oligosaccharides are soluble fibers which can help to improve immunity and digestive functions, prevents constipation and reduce blood lipids.
FOS also functions as “prebiotics”. “Prebiotics” act as food for the good bacteria in the intestine. Fructo-oligosaccharides can pass into the colon and increase bowel mass, and promote the growth of bacteria that are beneficial for gastrointestinal health.



Fructose is a natural sugar found in fruits, honey and vegetables. Fructose is also known as a monosaccharide. Fructose does not cause a rapid rise and subsequent huge fall in blood glucose levels, which means it has a low glycemic load or glycemic index (GI).

Direction for Use

Take daily before / after breakfast with one sachet of D’Swiss Newly Formulated Coffee Plus. Mix 1 sachet powder with 150ml warm water, stir well and serve.

DO NOT mix with hot water as it may damage the active ingredients in the product.